Conflicted About Sysroots

A reader has trouble with two recipes used in separate images that both generate a file with the same path. This leads to a deep dive into how Yocto sysroots work and the perils of a global sysroot cache.

Snakes in a Sysroot

A reader asks how to know which Python version will be used in a recipe. The answer is a bit more complicated than it might first appear.

All About Those Caches

A reader attempts to use the os-release recipe to include build information in the generated images but it only seems to run on a clean build.

A Hash Mismatch Made in BitBake

A reader is perplexed by the vardeps and vardepsexclude variables. Understanding them is key to resolving the dreaded “Taskhash Mismatch” error.

Where Do I Get Advice on Yocto?

Over the past three years, I’ve worked on a variety of projects that use embedded Linux distros built using Yocto Project. While I quickly realized the versatility of Yocto during the first project, learning the ins and outs of recipes, distros, and machines became a regular frustration that followed through each project. Not only is Yocto huge, the design patterns and tools change almost daily.