HDDG22: Talk ECUs and Their Sensors

Chris Gammell asked me to give a presentation at his Hardware Developers Didactic Galactic meetup in San Francisco. I enjoy talking about things I work on so I didn’t hesitate to say yes. I’m pretty sure he was expecting me to talk about Google’s Zaius server, an open-hardware POWER9 server design, that I brought to a previous meetup. Giving presentations about my day job takes some review and approvals, even for open designs. Instead, I offered to talk about engine control, a subject I’m spending many nights on recently.

I’ve had to learn about engine tuning and EFI systems in particular to get Cobra Commander back on the track. Since that knowledge seems to be spread in bits and pieces, I put together what I’ve learned into a presentation focusing on the sensors used and how they fit into the engine control systems.

Slides and a writeup for SupplyFrame’s blog are also available.